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Martin Odegaard says he will not too distracted by the prospect of coming up against his Real Madrid team-mates on Saturday.

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But the 20-year-old insists he will be more focused on his own preparations than worrying about what Sergio Ramos and co will bring to the game.

“It is always cool to meet good players and good teams,” Odegaard added.

“In terms of that, the game will be a bit special.

“We as a team have to do the same things as always and focus on us.

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“I don’t think [Spain] are fearing that many teams, to be honest.

“I have knowledge about them now and they are going to play their kind of football.

“They don’t care so much about who they are playing against.

“I don’t think that they are thinking a lot of that.”

After being so highly rated from such a young age, Odegaard’s relatively quiet development since his big move to Madrid has gone under the radar.

Odegaard is already a 20-time Norway international

Odegaard is already a 20-time Norway internationalGetty Images

“I have contact with some persons in the club. Sometimes I get a message, but it is mainly Real Sociedad that gives me feedback on my development,” Odegaard said.

“Real Sociedad is closest, but Real Madrid is in the picture sometimes.

“Mainly it is Real Sociedad and their staff.

“Real Madrid gives me some feedback and now it has been congratulations, praises and that they are happy.

“But in the tactical aspect Real Sociedad gives me feedback on those things.”

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