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Jose Mourinho called out one Man Utd player in private for being unfit – and he was right | Football | Sport


Mourinho publicly slammed Shaw for being out of shape and he ordered him to lose weight.

Sky Sports pundit Mark Schwarzer, who worked with Mourinho at Chelsea, says Mourinho would have taken Shaw aside in private to discuss the matter.

Only when that fell on deaf ears would he have gone public with the shaming but the mind-games tactic has worked.

Shaw is now in favour at United, he’s been handed a new five-year contract and is back in Gareth Southgate’s England squad.

“Hats off to him. There’s no doubt from me , 100 per cent, the manager would have been on to him behind closed doors,” Schwarzer told Sky Sports’ The Debate show.

“They were on to him. It was a common thread there from different managers, it wasn’t just Jose Mourinho.

“You’ve got to give Jose Mourinho credit for turning this kid around and getting into his head for making him turn around.

“Luke Shaw has to be creditted beacuse he’s done the work himself so the penny has dropped as well.”

Shaw was criticised by Louis van Gaal during his stay at the club too but Schwarzer believes he will now be in the manager’s good books – providing he stays in shape.

“Jose will actually have a lot more respect for him now,” Schwarzer added.

“I saw a picture in the media of Luke Shaw standing there with Jose Mourinho and his arm is round him.

“You can see that expression on Jose Mourinho’s face and it’s almost like ‘see’. This guy listened, rolled his sleeves up and it was brilliant.

“First and foremost, he will identify what he believes is a deficiency.

“With certain players – especially when it comes to the physical side of things, you’re unfit – it’s an easy one.

“It’s easy to show players. Some players just still don’t listen. I’ve played with many players in the past who have been told time and time again but they don’t listen, they don’t care.

“Luke Shaw has obviously taken it on board and he’s worked really, really hard. He’s come off the back of a horrendous injury and he’s picked himself up.

“He’s now deserved of being rewarded with a longer term contract. The manager will have the utmost respect because of that – but he won’t relent.

“He will keep putting the pressure on and saying ‘you’ve set the bar now, you’ve got to keep going’.”

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