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Champions League teams are not only gunning for glory, they are aiming for huge prize money totals in 2018/19.

UEFA will distribute approximately £1.7billion in prize money among all teams who have participated in the Champions League this season.

But while many teams have already fallen out of the reckoning for the trophy, 16 contenders remain in the hunt for glory and an eye-watering pay day.

Express Sport has rounded up everything you need to know about Champions League 2018/19 prize money.

Champions League prize money 2018/19

Qualification for the round of 16: Additional £8.3m per club

Qualification for the quarter-finals: Additional £9.2m per club

Qualification for the semi-finals: Additional £10.5m per club

Qualification for the final: Additional £13.2m per club

Winners: Additional £3.5m

Combined maximum prize money for winners: £44.7m (plus market pool and coefficient ranking – see below)

Champions League coefficient ranking money

The Champions League coefficient rankings reward historically strong European teams based on their performances over the last 10 years.

All knockout teams are ranked from one to 32 by coefficient points and bonus points for winning the competition.

The lowest ranked team will be given an additional £1m on top of their eventual prize money for progression.

The share is boosted by £1m per ranking.

E.g. 32nd ranked team will earn a £1m bonus, 1st ranked team will earn a £32m bonus.

Champions League market pool money

Over £250m will be split between teams based on a number of factors as a final aspect of prize money.

The fund is predominantly based on the value of each TV market represented by clubs in the tournament.

Factors including European performance and domestic achievements will contribute to how the money is split.

This fund will be shared between all group stage teams, not just those who progressed to the knockout rounds.

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