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Live updates as Emiliano Sala cause of death revealed and aircraft firm speak out


Southern Aircraft Consultancy statement

The firm who registered the light aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the USA – Southern Aircraft Consultancy – have issued this statement today, insisting they have given details of the real owners to the Air Investigations Branch (AAIB):

“Recent press reports have stated that ownership information has been removed from the FAA records, in order to occlude ownership details. We can categorically state that this is incorrect.

“As a business, we would never even consider doing this, even if it were requested by a client (which it has not been, in this case). No records or details have been removed from anywhere in relation to this aircraft. In fact, it is not possible to remove any such documentation from the FAA records, even if the aircraft owners had requested it (which they have not).

“As an organisation, we do not exist to ‘hide’ aircraft ownership details. We exist simply to assist people with registering their aircraft on the FAA register.

“The comprehensive ownership details of aircraft registered in Trust – including details of any and all previous ownership transfers whilst on the FAA register – are part of the formal aircraft record at the FAA, as with any other aircraft registration (whether registered by a Trustee or not).

“To reiterate, Southern Aircraft Consultancy are the Trustee only for the aircraft, which is owned and operated by another party. Said party is responsible for the day to day operation of the aircraft as well as its maintenance.

“By law, as with any other company who holds client details, we cannot simply release those details to anyone that asks for them. We can only release them to those who have a legal right to it (for example, the AAIB, with whom we have been liaising regularly and to whom we provided all of the information that we hold on the aircraft and the owners immediately after being notified that it was missing).

“It would be inappropriate to comment further at this point, but again we extend our condolences to the families of those involved in the accident.”

A spokesperson for Southern Aircraft Consultancy

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