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Are Coutinho and Suarez Liverpool legends?

Writing in his Blood Red column, the ECHO’s LFC correspondent James Pearce has whipped up some fierce debate by suggesting that despite their individual brilliance, neither Philippe Coutinho or Luis Suarez – both set to return to Anfield to face their former club with Barcelona in the Champions League semi-finals, are NOT Liverpool legends.

Here’s a selection of your responses on our Facebook page when asking whether they deserve ‘legend’ status:

Shaun Vasey Didn’t won anything… great players who’ll get the call for legends games etc but they will be remembered for being brilliant footballers not winning titles and trophies with us

Marc Keschner Obviously Coutinho isn’t, and as brilliant as Suarez was, he is not a Liverpool legend. Ridiculously brilliant player but not Liverpool legend.Legend gets thrown around too loosely these days. Players like Hunt,Rush,Tommy Smith, Barnes are legends….and in the more modern era Gerrard, Carragher etc and even Hyppia are legends, Suarez and Coutinho do not fall into that category

Philangezwi Dlamini
They were great players for us whom we will remember but they are not legends. They won nothing with us and they never dedicated their careers to see Liverpool triumphant one day. They gave up on our dream to pursue their own.

Graham Williams I disagree I think they were both legends they both played brilliantly for Liverpool and we’re always in the team. Yes they both left to better themselves but they were still both excellent players and just because they left doesn’t mean they are rats Liverpool now have a brilliant team with van Dijk and Alisson but would Liverpool have both of them if it wasn’t for the money from the sale of coutinho. They were both part of the Liverpool history

Anders Jungle Nielsen Not really. Coutinho won nothing with the club and Suarez won the league cup. But Suarez to me is close to, because he imo helped the club go from a mid table team to go to where the club is today. Coutinho was a great player as well, but his rant against the club to force his way out made me lose a lot of respect.

Lee Mahoney Not,….. a Legend falls in love with the club, the city and the people. They see Liverpool as a final destination and not just a temporary stop to enhance their career. You can’t class a legend on how many trophies they won at the club, that wouldn’t be fair but you can class them on their soul and desire to make the people happy. Sadly both Suarez and PC only wanted to make themselves happy, they were quality Liverpool players but never legends.

Shaun Bruen Suarez yes. Phil was great but not Suarez great. I think he only had one or two average games for us. Absolute firecracker to watch always exciting

Aaron Bateman Both amazing Ayers particularly Suarez but both didn’t wear the shirt long enough to be even considered lfc legends tag given out to easily nowadays can u really put these players in the same bracket as players like dalglish rush Barnes Hansen carra Gerrard to name a few I don’t think so YNWA

Brian Hepworth Suarez was one of the best players I’ve ever seen in a red shirt. Skill was on a different level truly gifted player and was sad to see him go. Coutinho was a good player but he deserted the red’s in the way he left. Both gave us loads of money and are part of the reason we are challenging for the title and Europa league

Philippe Coutinho and Luis Suarez

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