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FIFA 20 releases on September 27 and fans are looking forward to picking up the latest title in the popular EA Sports series.

On Monday, player ratings were revealed with Cristiano Ronaldo usurped by Lionel Messi at the top – and Virgil van Dijk now the best centre-back in the game.

And we can now reveal that Real Madrid have the highest transfer budget of the game, with Barcelona a close second.

Los Blancos fans will have £169,610,000 to spend on new recruits, while Barcelona supporters will have £169,074,000 to play with.

Manchester United have an enormous £167,488,480 at their disposal, with Manchester City close behind on £167,020,320.

Paris Saint-Germain have a mega £165,960,000 – making them fifth on the list – while Bayern Munich have £124,537,000.

Juventus, who will be named Piemonte Calcio, come seventh with £103,806,000.

And Champions League winners Liverpool have £97,863,296 to spend on new faces – meaning they have more than enough to bring in a No 10.

Chelsea have the ninth-best transfer kitty in the game with £86,145,024 – and they can strengthen their squad in a way Frank Lampard couldn’t in real life.

And Arsenal come in tenth with a budget of £69,759,000.

Regarding the worst transfer budgets and it makes grim reading for some teams in Europe’s top flight.

Sheffield United have just £17,072,210 to spend, with Norwich, Newcastle and Burnley having around £23m at their disposals.

In Italy, both Brescia and SPAL have £4,650,000 to use.

Over in Spain and Mallorca have a lowly £2,046,000 to spend on transfers. Probably best to pick someone else, then.

In Germany and Unin Berlin have £8,344,000.

And Dijon FCO have £3,911,000 in Ligue 1. Good luck catching PSG on that transfer budget.

Top 10 Budget Recap

Real Madrid – £169,610,000

Barcelona – £169,074,000

Manchester United – £167,488,480

Manchester City – £167,020,320

PSG – £165,960,000

Bayern Munich – £124,537,000

Juventus (Piemonte Calcio) – £103,806,000

Liverpool – £97,863,296

Chelsea – £86,145,024

Arsenal – £69,759,000

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