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How green are Premier League clubs?

Leicester launched new reusable cups in the concourses at King Power Stadium before the Premier League match and Arsenal FC

Extinction Rebellion protests, flooding and wildfires mean environmental issues, climate change and sustainability are right at the top of the world’s news agenda.

But what are England’s leading football clubs – among the country’s most globally recognised brands – doing to help the environment?

BBC Sport has worked with the United Nations-backed Sport Positive Summit, which will host its first conference in 2020, to compile research into the sustainability of all 20 Premier League clubs.

They were asked to provide evidence of schemes in eight categories:

  • clean energy
  • energy efficiency
  • sustainable transport
  • single-use plastic reduction or removal
  • waste management
  • water efficiency
  • plant-based or low-carbon food options
  • communications or engagement

The clubs were awarded one point per category if they had suitable initiatives taking place in their stadiums, training grounds and/or offices and half a point if plans were being developed in that area but were yet to fully materialise.

What does the table show?

Above is a simplified version of the full table – available here